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About Me

About Dhruv Galgotia

CEO, Galgotias University

Dhruv Galgotia

Dhruv Galgotia did his schooling at St. Columba’s and his MBA from IMI, New Delhi and took over Galgotias’ publishing and retail divisions at a very young age. Having a keen interest in the education sector and desirous of turning Galgotias into one of India’s most preferred institutions, he then joined Galgotias University as CEO and began working on key areas like technology, academic processes and innovation.

Galgotia makes full use of the advances in technology and likes creating student-friendly systems which help in enhancing dissemination of knowledge, skills and development. He has worked closely with students to develop several projects including mobile and computer applications, vehicles (such as ATV /Moonbuggy / F1 car /Efficycle) which have won several awards and recognition.

He has keen interests in sports and is a national-level swimmer who has won over 150 medals in swimming and represented Delhi in several competitions.